St. Louis ACTS
Acts 2:42-47 (New American Bible)

“They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to communal life, to the breaking
of the bread and to prayers.  And everyone was filled with awe; the apostles worked many signs
and miracles.  All who shared the faith owned everything in common; they sold their goods
and possessions and distributed the proceeds among themselves according to each one’s need. 
Each day, with one heart, they regularly went to the Temple, but met in their houses for the
breaking of bread; they shared their food gladly and generously; they praised God and were
looked up to by everyone. Day by day, the Lord added to their community those destined
 to be saved.”
Mission Statement

ACTS MISSIONS spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ
among Catholic communities by promoting, consulting
in, facilitating and sponsoring ACTS retreats.


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        2016 ACTS RETREATS
  • February 4th - St. Clement of Rome Women at Pallottine
  • February 4th - Assumption Men at Marianist
  • February 4th - St. Peter Kirkwood Women at Mercy
  • February 11th - St. Gabriel Women at LaSalle
  • February 11th - St. Simon Women at Mercy
  • February 11th - St. Monica Men at Pallottine
  • February 18th OLP/Annunciation Women at LaSalle
  • February 18th Holy Spirit Men at Pallotine
  • February 25th Queen of All Saints Men at LaSalle
  • February 25th St. Peter Kirkwood Men at Mercy

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ACTS Leadership Workshops

  • Leadership Workshop - Saturday, February 6, 2016 from 8:30-4:00pm at St. Joseph's in Manchester.  The fee is $25 which includes lunch. This workshop is designed to give a historical perspective and understanding of ACTS and its purpose. The training provides an explanation as to the need for uniformity and protecting the integrity of ACTS, and direction on facilitating an ACTS Retreat. Attendance is required for Directors, Co-Directors and Spiritual Companions who have not attended a Leadership Workshop with three (3) years prior to the Retreat they are leading; Core members who have not attended a Workshop previously. Team members are encouraged to attend to further their understanding of the ACTS retreat process.

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    • Core Team Workshop - Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 8:30-4:00pm at St. Joseph's in Manchester. The fee is $25 which includes lunch. This workshop is required for all ACTS Core Members and provides ACTS Cores with information to maintain and foster the ACTS apostolate within the parish community. The sessions cover leadership with the heart of a Servant, team building compatibility, assimilating ACTS and after ACTS initiatives into the parish community, keeping ACTS integrity and review of the ACTS Core Charter. 

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      •  The St. Louis ACTS Group List Serve is intended to be a bulletin board for ACTS related announcements

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       such as scripts, sample booklets, setup instructions, etc.

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