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2016 St. Louis ACTS  Mission

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After an ACTS Retreat, our hearts are full and we want to share the joy.
Now you can serve as an ACTS Missioner supporting the work of
ACTS Missions.
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Mission Statement
Acts Missions spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Catholic communities by promoting, consulting in, facilitating and sponsoring ACTS retreats.

  St. Louis ACTS Missions Chapter Invites you to NOW

The First Annual Night of Worship will be held on Oct.29th at St.Martin de Porres from 4:30-8:30. We invite all of St. Louis to attend this event.

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ACTS Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshop - Saturday, October 15th 8:30-4:00pm at St. Martin de Porres in Hazelwood. The fee is $25 which includes lunch. This workshop is designed to give a historical perspective and understanding of ACTS and its purpose. The training provides an explanation as to the need for uniformity and protecting the integrity of ACTS, and direction on facilitating an ACTS Retreat. Attendance is required for Directors, Co-Directors and Spiritual Companions who have not attended a Leadership Workshop with three (3) years prior to the Retreat they are leading; Core members who have not attended a Workshop previously. Team members are encouraged to attend to further their understanding of the ACTS retreat process.

Core Team Workshop - Saturday Nov. 5th 8:30-4p.m. at Assumption Church.

The fee is $25 which includes lunch. This workshop is required for all ACTS Core Members and provides ACTS Cores with information to maintain and foster the ACTS apostolate within the parish community. The sessions cover leadership with the heart of a Servant, team building compatibility, assimilating ACTS and after ACTS initiatives into the parish community, keeping ACTS integrity and review of the ACTS Core Charter.

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